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For each of these books, you will write a response paper of no more than 800 words. This short response should give a summary of the overarching argument of the book, including at least one salient ethnographic example that helps clarify the theoretical argument that the author puts forward in the book. The response must also include a brief critical engagement with the overarching argument. Important note: ‘critical’ engagement in academic work does not simply mean a ‘negative’ engagement with the work. Rather, critical engagement entails going beyond the argument as stated by the author to consider any of the implications, strengths, or problems with the argument. This may entail analyzing the unstated assumptions of the argument, considering the broader implications of the argument, explaining how the argument articulates with other theorists or ideas, or, indeed, problems inherent in the argument. The response paper should be roughly divided between summary and critical engagement, and it should demonstrate that you have read, understood, and engaged meaningfully with the material in each monograph.


Each response paper is due before class on the last discussion day for each book, as laid out in the syllabus. These will be turned in via Box, uploaded as a single-spaced PDF, beginning with a cover page that includes 1) your full name, 2) date, 3) the name of this class (ANTHR 327), 4) the title of the book being reviewed, and 5) a word count of the essay. The uploaded PDF filename should include your LastName_FirstName-AUTHOR_Response in the file name, as in the following example: “Hickman_Jacob-YANG_Response.pdf”



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